How to choose a Portable Hard Drive

With the increasing demand for digital storage a computer user would at time find the internal Hard disk (HDD) feeling short of free space. One option would be to get an extra HDD or replace the existing hard disk with a high capacity.

But more and more user are now opting for an external, portable hard disk. With almost all PC, laptop having the USB option it make it easier to attach any USB device to the system.

There are many portable devices available the most common ones are the pen drive, available in the size ranging from 250MB to 8 GB. Pen drives are smaller in size and made of flash memory. They can easily be carried in your pocket. Data saved on the pen drive can be access on any PC having a USB connection. With the invention of pen drives the existing floppy disk has become a thing of the past. Pen drives though are more reliable than the floppy disk; they can easily get damaged because of their delicate nature.

Portable Hard Drive

For power users who have to store huge amount of data and sometimes move around with the same data, the pen drive may not server the purpose. Here is when portable drives come into picture. A portable hard disk is just like the hard disk you have in your PC except for the fact that these hard disk connect through the USB port, some derive power from the USB and for some you need to have an external power to drive the HDD.

How to choose a Portable Hard Drive.

Based on your budget you can decide the max capacity you can buy and that is require.

Try to buy a portable hard drive that derives power from the USB. In simple terms the HDD would simply require to be connected to the USB port, no external power is needed by the HDD. These HDD are the best options as many a times you do not find an extra power source.

Smaller the size the better, as the HDD can be easily moved around, but you need to take extra care as they can easily get damaged when transporting.

HDD that have huge size and capacity are tough but bulky to carry around.

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  1. Memory prices have dropped drastically for memory. I had no need for a 2 TB portable hard drive, but it was virtually the same price as a 1 TB drive. I can remember a few years ago when 1 TB would cost a fortune and be quite large. For the price, there is no excuse to not back up your data or have a portable drive for added storage.

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