How To Compare Web Hosting

With so many web hosts vying for attention with attractive advertisements, first time owners of websites have a tough time choosing the right one. The matter is complicated by the plethora of things that need to considered, such a bandwidth and FTP that most non-techies do not even properly understand. Fortunately, there are a lot of bloggers who write honest reviews about website hosting companies for the benefit of people just like you.

It is good to put your faith in good and honest reviews, but when two different reviews say exactly the opposite things about the same web host, things begin to look a bit murky. But there is no reason to worry because you can make your own comparison. Here are 7 features you need to compare:


Malwares like virus, Trojan and spyware are so rampant and troublesome that without adequate security measures, your website will soon be under assault. The biggest danger is to your customer who may become victims of online fraudsters and scammer. Therefore, you should compare the security features provided by different web hosts, such as free malware ad spam scanning, security badge, domain name verification, and other features.

Compare Web Hosting


Bandwidth determines how much data users can download and upload, and also the speed they can do that. As a general rule, the higher the bandwidth, the better and faster will be the performance of your website. Compare the bandwidth provided by different web hosts at no extra cost.

Control Panel

Nobody wants a website that can provide limited features, and the features that you can provide on your website really depend upon the facilities provided by your web host. Look at the control panels of different web hosts to compare the facilities provided, such as free apps, support for programming languages and scripts, shopping carts, e-mail accounts and auto-responders.


The internet technologies change so fast that if you do not regularly update your website, it will soon risk becoming out of date and ignored by visitors. You should compare the scalability offered by the web hosts.


All web hosts provide some storage space within the annual subscription. But there are some that provide larger storage space at no extra cost. If you are going to put lots of pictures, audio files and video files, then you need a large storage.


One thing internet user can’t tolerate is a website that frequently hangs, takes ages to load or shuts down. The best way to compare the reliability of web hosts is to read customer reviews. If there is more than one complaint about a web host, just give it a miss.

Customer Service

You don’t want to bang your head against the wall if your website shuts down inexplicably. The only way to escape such a fate is to have access to a good customer support. Again, the best way to compare customer support is to read reviews by customers.

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