Most Exciting Pinterest Marketing Tips

Nowadays Pinterest is one of the most popular websites but still many people do not know how to use it and what to make. The majority of internet marketers are struggling and also working hard to switch their viewers on this unique and interesting platform. Few brands of them are really working very efficiently.

There is not any vast range of marketing activities and campaigns implemented because Pinterest is new network for many communities. So it is very necessary to work for organize more and more campaigns for Pinterest. I would like to inspire you to have an experiment with a thing which is latest as well as interesting. Here are the examples of the most exciting Pinterest marketing tips:

Pinterest Lottery Campaign

The British Midland International (BMI) released the very first lottery marketing campaign known as “bmipinterestlottery” on Pinterest. Customers needed to “pin” at least 6 pictures from 7 completely different visit locations to their boards of Pinterest and share them with family and friends. Each and every image has a figure from one to sixty three. BMI selected a figure randomly and those consumers whom repinned the picture using that figure will be eligible to get an opportunity to win two totally free return plane tickets to BMI location.

Exciting Pinterest Marketing Tips

pinterest marketing

Sephora Color Wash Campaign

It is observed that Pinterest’s major viewers are ladies. The Sephore is basically the cosmetics products company, they published a brand new contest known as Sephora Color Wash. Sephora encourages people to make an innovative board within the Beauty and Hair section and also ‘pin’ the contest webpage at their board and also display 5 photos with their most loved colors for an opportunity to win the Sephora competition.

Kotex’s Women’s Encouragement Campaign

Because this is quite fresh social network website so that’s many well-known brands are not aware from the effective process of work on Pinterest. Small number of brands already has utilized this unique rising social media website.

One of Israeli innovative marketing company named as Smoyz. They organized Kotex campaign especially for Pinterest, by this campaign they select 50 “impressive” women through Facebook and browse via Pinterest. They also sent virtual prizes individually to each one, after choosing these successful 50 women. But all those ladies can claim their real gifts, if they pinned the virtual gift on their accounts. This starting marketing campaign made an incredible excitement around the social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many more.

Guess’s Presents “Color Me Inspired” Campaign

The fashion and style brand company Guess boost a competition with their lovers in previous month to generate boards-dependent in 4 Spring-Colors. This competition went for seven days. In this competition they declared 4 successful players, which are chosen by experienced judges. So now the competition is finished and also the champions are declared but the GUESS is going to be planning much more unique Pinterest challenges.

Peugeot’s Panama Puzzle Campaign

Peugeot’s Panama is basically French car Manufacturer Company, they held a competition which offered lovers who achieved the Pinterest puzzle. Peugeot’s Panama convinced consumers to make their unique model particular boards. Followers needed to visit the Peugeot Facebook webpage or even internet site to obtain the losing boards to completely finish their puzzle. First 5 users who completed that board will get the winning prize.

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