Getting Facebook error Account Temporarily Unavailable? Delete the Cookies

Ever got this message Account Temporarily Unavailable when trying to access your account on Facebook. If you did well you are not the only one. This is a common issue with many Facebook users.

There can be 2 issues to this problem. Either Facebook is down or there is a problem with your browser. Let’s ignore that Facebook may be down and go ahead with some testing.

How to fix Account Temporarily Unavailable problems with Facebook

Step 1 : Check if the issue is with your account only. Try accessing the home page most probably you will get the same error when trying to access the Facebook home page.

Account Temporarily Unavailable

Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

Facebook error - Account Temporarily Unavailable

Step 2 : Today everyone has two or more browsers installed on their PC or Laptop. Try accessing Facebook on another browser you may be surprised that it will work on the other browser but not on the one that you use the most. This points us to the cookie problem. To fix it simply clear the temporary Internet files and cookies and if possible clear browser history. Then close the browser and start again. Facebook should work now.

Step 3 : If issue is still unresolved after following step 2. Call your friend or use Instant Messenger (well that is working isn’t it?) and check if they have the same issue.

If many users are having the same problem it is an issue from Facebook and all you need to do is take some time off and come back later.

But 80% of the time it will be the browser issues as many Facebook users including myself “use the keep me logged in” option checked at all times. So every time Facebook is used there is no need to authenticate.

How to clear Cookies on Firefox

Go to Tools > Options > Privacy then click the link remove individual cookies and choose remove all cookies.

How to clear Cookies on Internet Explore

Go to Tools > Internet Options > General Tab then in the browsing history click the delete button check cookies and click the delete button.

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