How to make Google adsense really work for you

There are many tips available on the internet, on how to optimize Google ads on a website and thereby increase revenue. The tips may or may not work; there is no guaranteed formula, but you through trial and error will know what works best for you.

Here are some ways to maximize revenue using adsense. Remember your site is unique, find out what works on it, instead of blindly using what had worked for others.

Writing original content is a must as rightly said “content is the King”.

Try different ad position and monitor the performance weekly. Note down which position works best.

Try between image only ads and text only ads and both to see what works best on your site.

With almost every other site running Google ads on them, it is advisable to give your ads the same theme (color) as that of your site, so they look like an integral part of the site, rather than an advertisement.

Make best use of Google Adsense

If you have not used channels, use them, channels now have an ad placement feature, it makes advertiser easier to find a placement based on keyword, category or topics.

Block Made for Adsense (MFA) sites using the Competitive Ad Filter. Browse your site, check the ads (do not click on the ads, simply type or copy and paste the site url that you see below the text).

Follow the terms and conditions for using the Google adsense code.

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