Powerful and Effective Protection with McAfee Internet Security

McAfee internet security is one of the top effective and powerful protection services provided by an Intel company. Along with the benefits of digital life, there are certain threats, such as viruses, malware and spam associated with it. Every electronic device or gadget including PC, tablet or smartphone using internet needs unlimited protection to browse freely on the internet world. Thus, McAfee internet security provides you the opportunity and confidence to surf, shop, socialize and search freely.

Powerful Protection and Filter

The up-to-date McAfee internet security services provide anti-malware protection and keep your computer safe from spyware, viruses, root kits and Trojans. It will not allow the digital threats to affect the performance of your computer because it offers advanced scanning engine that quickly scans for threats without compromising the performance of the battery. The McAfee Net Guard and Active Protection technology also provides safety by keeping away the threats. McAfee filter protect your inbox accurately from annoying and dangerous spam emails by not allowing them to reach into your inbox.

Effective and Optimizing Tools and Controls

Apart from PC and internet users, McAfee internet security services offer effective controls for parents. Parents can control the use of internet for their children by setting time limits and blocking inappropriate sites. McAfee also allows checking total time spent on the internet with user login times and attempts to access forbidden sites. It also provides a detailed usage report that will allow the parents to see the online activity of their kids. In addition to the various versatile features and benefits, McAfee also provides tools for PC optimization and privacy. McAfee Vulnerability Scanner finds the voids in applications and Windows and patches them. Another feature of McAfee Shredder destroys the sensitive files securely, such as tax documents. The performance of your PC is enhanced by removing the unnecessary files using McAfee Quick Clean.

McAfee Internet Security 2016

Additional Protection Benefits

In addition to the above mentioned features and benefits offered by McAfee internet security, it also offers firewall, network security and web browsing protection. It offers a two way firewall that will prevent the hackers from stealing your information and not allow the malicious software to exploit your operating system. It is also possible to find out if someone is intruding in your network and stealing the internet connection. You can find all the connected devices in My Home Network. Keep your computer secure by preventing the use of dangerous sites with McAfee Site Advisor. It provides safety ratings with red, yellow and green color to prevent the use of dangerous sites. The search results are displayed with color coded icons to differentiate between the safe and unsafe websites including popular social networking sites.

Certain websites are secure, but they may contain malicious ads and pop ups that are risky. McAfee protects your device by blocking the suspected malicious ads automatically. It also provides information about blocked IP address location and notifies the factors leading to unsafe connection. Home screen is easy to use making navigation easier for common security tasks.

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