What to look for when choosing a web host?

Enter the words ‘web’ and ‘host’ in Google or Bing and you will see lots and lots of web hosting packages being offered to you left and right. When you do a Wikipedia search of web hosting, there are just so many things to consider – do you need a dedicated server? What is this racket about cloud hosting? How do you know which one is the right one?

Before you get overwhelmed, we rounded up the 5 most important things that you need to think about when choosing your web hosting partner.

Stability is your number one concern

The number one reason why you need a web host is to find a server that will contain all of your web information and then serve it up to the Internet once needed. This means that the server must be accessible 24/7 and must be able to process the requests quickly enough.

when choosing a web host

Ratings that display 99.9% uptime (or a maximum of 10 minutes of downtime per week) is often displayed and is a good measure of how stable a web hosting company is.

Check the price of the package
You must be able to easily afford your web hosting package, whether you choose to pay for it monthly or yearly. This is something that you will be in a long term commitment with so check with your funds just how much a month do you think you can attribute to web hosting. Remember that there are other expenses like web tools, your designers and developers, customer support and even the domain that you selected.

Features and add ons

Some features that may make you want to think about getting a particular package include:

● Money back guarantees
● Marketing ad credits from Google, Bing and Facebook
● Support for shopping carts
● Integration to PayPal
● Mobile web site plugins
● A good control panel to serve as your dashboard
● Support for popular CMS tools like WordPress
● Support for specific technologies and languages like MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails etc.
● Support for multimedia
● Email support
● Spam filters
● Security suites
● Drag and drop web design tools
● Stats analysis
SEO directory submission
● Option to upgrade your current web hosting package
● Support provided by tech staff, 24/7

Scout for online promotions

Before you start pulling out your credit card to pay for a package, check out online web coupons for discounts or read through web pages that offer discounts if you sign up with them. Just make sure you compute your total initial output for a year.

For example, some sites may be offering a 50% discount for their monthly rates but if you look at their renewal rates, they balloon so much that you end up not really saving anything at all.

The key is to read the fine print as much as possible. This includes the money back guarantee offers as well as those promotional coupons.

Make sure that your needs are met

Lastly, make a list of the things that you need and ensure that every single one of them is met before you make that purchase.

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